Today: June 28, 2022
Types of VR
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Types of VR

VR is the virtual reality which is the digital experience with three dimensional environments where people will see the thing which is not really present in their physical environment. When you are using a computer screen to see something that it will only be the viewer experience but in case of VR you will get the experience which is changed from just watching the screen. There are many VR companies in Dubai that are providing the facility of VR experience with the help of their devices and you can get the best experience with them. There are three different types of VR and to know about them in detail you have to click here now or you can see this below:


In this you will get the experience of the VR but you will also get the touch of the physical environment around you but this will not be taken as the VR because it is very common in the life and people are using this on daily routine. In this type of VR you will be connected to the computer screen like playing a video or using the controllers but you are still having the feel of your physical environment around you will not be fully indulge in the world of virtual reality.


In this you will be in the virtual reality but also you will be connected to the physical environment and you can change or control your physical environment too. In this you will focus on the digital image like the 3D graphics but also in a physical world. The example of this kind of VR is using the computers for education and training like for pilots where they have to depend on the VR while they are in the air and there will be no physical connection to the Earth but they are connected through the VR.

Fully immerse:

It will be the most real one out of all three in which people will be disconnected from the physical world and they are totally in an entirely new world created by VR. In this there will be the need of special glasses or the head set which will totally grab their vision and they will feel like in the game or the entertainment they are having. This is being started using in education sector.