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Islamic gift ideas
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Islamic gift ideas


There are a lot of things that you can give as the portable prayer mat but one of the best gifts is Quran which you can give to anyone and there are a lot of different types of appearances in Quran are available like you can have the Rainbow Quran which has colorful pages that will attract kids more so you can give them to encourage them for reading it. You can have the embossed one which as an ayah embossed on the front or cover page which will look beautiful and you can also have some other option while gifting Quran to anyone.

Name pendant:

Another gift that you can give to anyone is the name pendant. You can give them the name of Allah or the name of the person to whom you are giving that. In selecting this you have to make sure that the quality of the material is good so that the person can use that for longer period of time and they will like to have that whenever they wear it. Sometimes seller will give you a very cheap quality pendant that will change its color even after wearing for once so you have to avoid such sellers’ ad buy from the authentic ones.

Prayer mat:

You need to see that you can give Musalla prayer mat as a gift to any person because Muslims normally like to pray on that. You can have that in different colors and designs as they are available in the market. You need to think carefully before you go for buying that and it will be a great pleasure for the person when they receive that as gift. Check the durability of the colors and cloth.

Table decor:

When you are looking for some Islamic gifts then you can consider having your favorite ayah printed on a paper and the framed to make the table frame for your partner and the best thing is that they can also hand that on the wall. It will help them remember you whenever they see that and you can also ask them about their favorite quote or ayah and you can have them printed in the LED lamp light form which is a great and a different thing to gift. They will be happy to see such a personalized gift.