Today: May 29, 2023
Dangers of e-cigarettes
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Dangers of e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are a bit new when compared to normal cigarettes so the prolonged effects of e-cigarette are known until now. However, there are still various dangers related to e-cigarettes. Generally, e-cigarettes are not considered safe especially for people who are young.

The dangers that a person can face when he uses E-Cigarette Dubai are as follows.

Addiction of nicotine: Nicotine is considered to be extremely addictive. In many e-cigarettes, nicotine is added as the most important ingredient. Some companies of e-cigarettes mentioned on the labels that their e-cigarette doesn’t of consist of nicotine. Whereas, the nicotine was present in the vapor. Therefore, in this case, it is necessary that you e-cigarette from companies or brands that are reliable and trustworthy.

There was an idea that people who would start vape would leave smoking. However, this is absolutely not the case. Along with vaping, people also smoke normal cigarettes even when they want to quit it so badly.

Disease of lungs: There are various additional flavors and essence present in e-cigarette that youth like. Few preservatives or add-ons have dangers related to health, like diacetyl that has a taste similar to butter. Diacetyl can lead to very serious disease related to lungs.

Cinnemaldehyde has a taste similar to cinnamon. It is also one of the most common flavor of vaping that is quite dangerous for the tissues of the lungs.

Cancer: E-cigarettes as well as normal cigarettes both contain chemicals that can cause cancer. Elevated temperatures are required so that the fog can be formed to vape. This can make many poisonous chemicals like formaldehyde. This chemical can lead to cancer which of course is a very dangerous and alarming situation.

Addiction of drugs: Since nicotine is present in e-cigarette and you use it, your brain could lead you to other addictions as well like alcohol or drugs. This is somewhat correct in case of teens.

Blasts: E-cigarettes are commonly known because of blasts and explosions. These blasts and explosions can be a cause of injury. The blasts occurred in vape are usually associated to malfunctioning batteries in vaping gadgets. However, in some cases, the blasts could be very dangerous and because of that serious injuries can be caused.

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