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Applications of aerial photography
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Applications of aerial photography

Aerial photography Dubai can be defined as taking pictures from the sky by the flying objects like airplanes, rockets, etc. A camera is fixed on the flying objects which cover the entire area.

The applications of aerial photography are as follows.

  1. Aerial photography has given a man a chance to see the world like the birds do. Aerial photography is used to create topographic maps and it can even cover remote areas.
  2. Aerial photography plays an important role in the real estate to take the entire view of the buildings under construction and large buildings being built. If the pictures are taken from the top it covers the entire landscape which will attract the buyers whereas, the shot taken from the ground will somehow miss some of its part. Investors can take an aerial view of the vacant areas, so that, they know which areas are open for development to build schools, cinemas, businesses and resorts and it also allows the developers to observe the construction and progress of their projects. If you are a real estate agent and you want to sell the land, aerial photography would help the seller draw the interest of their customers.
  3. For schools, aerial photography can be used to cover like sports days, farewell parties and other events. These pictures when upload on school websites attract new students. It also covers the whole area school from the top which includes playground, classrooms activity area which catches the attention of the people.
  4. Ariel photography is used in civil protection to collect information about the life sustaining activities. Aerial view can be taken to check the resources and facilities provided to the people and through this better facilities can be provided to the people.
  5. Aerial photography has a wide scope in tourism as it covers the natural beauty and beautiful scenic views which captures the attention of tourists. It can cover the top view of hotels, resorts, activities being held in the area and its cultures. It can also take the view of the facilities present in the area. Travelers and tour guides can use the aerial photographs to locate their resorts, hotels in their vicinity.

These were some great applications of aerial photography and it can bring the effective results if you use it in the places mentioned above so make the most use of it.

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